Friday, May 1, 2009

Project Wujud Ver 2.5

We just finished watching 'Project Wujud Ver 2.5', an expedition in Indonesia. The T.A.C. team started off their expedition in an abandoned house, a house believed to be used by a couple who practised 'Santet'(black magic). Followed by other places that are haunted, jungles etc. etc. There were at least 2 guys who fainted during the filming.
There was one, where a white figure was waiting for them in the jungle, my son, Indra saw the figure. He spontaneously said that 'Ben10' just came out. We were laughing and I said to him, " Ahh, yes, 'Ben10' wants to be in this project. Just sit still and you will see more of 'Ben10'."
The starting point of the story was not so interesting until the ending part, where they went to venture an island. They were disturbed while taking a nap in a tent. A figure of an old lady walking with a stick, wearing a white robe, was seen in the woods. To think that the island was actually unoccupied by any human. To finish off the story, it's to be continued, aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh, when it's getting interesting, and to top it off, the DVD will be out only in August. Have to wait for that...

The whole lot of us have already watched 'Wujud' & 'Wujud2 Cabar', and now this 'Wujud Ver 2.5'. Anyone of you out there who still haven't watch these shows/projects should watch it, that is if you don't believe in the supernatural. The 'Wujud2' will make your heart thumping. Be sure to watch it.
SEEING IS BELIEVING..... When you see nothing, it doesn't mean there's nothing.

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